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Week one!

Published at March 5, 2018 at 4:10 PM

Bags are packed, and ready to leave the cold Netherlands! Cape Town here I come!

Hi dear readers,


Finally, the time is there! I have packed my suitcases and said bye to my family, I am ready to go!


I left my hometown at five o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday (25/02/2018). My parents and my boyfriend drove me to the airport. The route of my flight was from Düsseldorf to Dubai, and from Dubai to Cape Town.

We went to a guy that seal your suitcases at the airport, and I did eat too much food at McDonald’s... Then the time was there to say goodbye to my parents and my boyfriend... that was not fun at all, that will be one thing I am going to miss the most... and my dog of course. but 4 months will be over soon.


So... the first stop was Dubai. The plain was really big, it had 2 floors. I had never seen such a big plain as that one. It was a flight for 6 hours, that was okay. I had a nice spot in the plain, there was nobody sitting next to me, I was sitting next to the window and there was Wi-Fi, so I was happy. I landed at 6pm in Dubai, but for me it was 3 hours after midnight, so I was tired and I wanted to sleep. The stop was 3 hours but it felt like it took the entire morning... or night...


There I go again. Now the next stop was Cape Town! In this flight I had to sit for 9 hours, I hate it to sit for a long time and do nothing. There was someone sitting next to me, so that was annoying. But everything went very well and quiet. I landed at 16.30 on Monday the 26st, so I was almost traveling for 24 hours... The first impression of Africa that I had was:
- Very friendly people
- Nice hot weather
- And the people take their time for what they do


I get picked up at the airport by the women of the Airbnb. I will be staying at an Airbnb for the whole period and I already had contact with the women from the house. She drove me to hear place. She has a lovely house with a swimming pool in the garden. She is not living alone there, she lives there with her son, and a friend of him that goes to college in Cape Town, so this is closer for him that his hometown. It is a lovely family and I felt very quickly at home there.

I had regret that I said that I could work on Tuesday, because I was tired at Monday night... Maybe it’s handy to explain what I am going to do in South Africa;
You all know what kind of study I do, and you need to do an internship to graduate. I choose for an internship outside Europe. A teacher from my school has worked in South Africa for a lot of years and she brought me in contact with the companies where she has worked for. So, we signed the contract and I had to pick up my (terrible long story) visa. I was ready to go! The companies where I am going to work for are Pep clothing for the first 2 months and the last 2 months at TFG/The Foschini Group.


But I am a diehard girl so I started on Tuesday. My first impression of Pep clothing is that it is a very, very big company. I haven't seen something like that before. I exactly never saw that kind of big company! I had a tour around the building the first days, and the next couple of weeks I will going to see and work at all the different departments. So, the first week at work was quiet.


I was early done with work on Friday, so the rest of the afternoon I spend in the sun to get a little bit tan. In the night I had an appointment with the sister from my teacher. We had a nice dinner and a great evening. After that I went home with the Uber, kind like a taxi, I have never heard of it before. When I came home the other housemates came home too. We had a nice evening outside at the fire place with some nice drinks.

The Saturday morning was sleep out It was already very hot in the morning and the sun was shining, so I get lay down in the sun for the morning. In the afternoon I went with one of the boys at the house to tiger valley, the shopping centre. I needed a new Sim-Card, but we couldn’t get one because the owner of the house needed to be there. So, she came to the shopping centre so that everything could be arranged. Then I went with my housewife to different supermarkets for groceries. When we came home I choose of course again to lay down in the sun, I don’t want the white skin anymore. At the end of the night we had a nice dinner, watched a series and went to bed.


My Sunday morning started good, because I had a lovely skype conversation with my boyfriend. I went out for a lunch at the see in Blouberg with Lize, the sister of my teacher, and her daughter. We had a delicious sushi meal, with a beautiful view. I got early at home where the “braai” almost started. And that’s where my first and good week and weekend ended.



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