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Week two!

Published at March 12, 2018 at 5:22 PM

Exploring the country more and more!

Hi dear readers,

Week 2 is already done. The time went so fast! I had again a really nice week.

Like I said in my last blog, I will be working at different departments the next view weeks, to see what fits me the best. This week I had one department on the planning. Exactly two, because I was at the marker making department on Monday. I helped them out with checking shirts for supplier day. The supplier day is a day were the people of the purchasing department and some other heads of different departments meet the suppliers for PEP.

The rest of the week I had two assignments. Make the shirt complete for the supplier day and helping and explore the purchasing department. The shirt for the supplier day had to be folded in paper with the logo of PEP around it, put in de the boxes with a nice closing band around it and put the name of the supplier of the employee on the box. It took me, I think, two days, but I had some work to do, so that was fine.

The people at the purchasing department explained to me what kind of tasks or responsibilities they have. There are working 3 people on that department with a merchandiser head above them. It is a lovely and friendly team to work with! Everyone has different work to do, so I was working with each of them each day. The daily tasks from this department is doing a conformation order, a submission report for the fabric supplier, if necessary replace orders, purchase fabric order, making a delivery plan for the supplier, if necessary faulty reports for the fabric of trims, making sales orders and so can I go one and on.

I was again early done with work on Friday, but my housewife took me to Cape Town city, to see a little bit of how it looks like and were the different spots are. We had to pick up a package for the birthday of the girlfriend from her son. The package seemed to be cupcakes. And omg that place looks amazing! The whole house is paint with figures, cupcakes and flowers, it looks really cute! I have also placed these photos in de album underneath. After that she took me a little bit by car through the city and explain some things. The rest of the night was very quiet, but there is no problem about that.

On Saturday I was taking my housewife for a lunch. We went to Stellenbosch, with some few stops on the road. We stopped in Durbanville, at some friends from my housewife for testing the swimming pool water, because it didn’t get clean. The next stop was, I can’t remember the place, but anyway we needed clean drinking water. And we went to a bookstore from a friend of her, for some new books. After that we drove to Stellenbosch. It was a lovely road between the mountains. We past a township, in the photo album here under you can see what it is, if you don’t know it. It was interested to see how people can live like that..

Just past Stellenbosch, you can find a delicious restaurant and bar with an amazing view. You will recognise it by the coloured animals that you can find around the building, it is really cute! We had a great lunch with red wine and a local beer. The restaurant is placed across from the root 44 market. It is not a really big market but definitely cosy! You can shop there, eat a lot of different food, from a healthy snack to a greasy bite and live music!

When we came home, I skyped together with my housewife to my parents, to discuss some places where they can stay on their holiday, and what they and I definitely need to see. I don’t know if I told you already but my whole family with the followers and my boyfriend are coming to town for two weeks holiday! I am really looking forward to that!

I had a delicious Sunday morning breakfast;
A toast with a poached egg, with avocado sauce, ham and salami underneath the egg, tomato and salad. I will also continue this breakfast when I am back in the Netherlands, it was so delicious! The sun was very shiny, what I didn’t expected, because my phone didn’t foreplay such a good weather as this. So I choose of course again to lay down in the sun. In the afternoon I went with my housewife to different supermarkets for some groceries. She showed me some other shopping malls and lovely places to eat. South-Africa is known for a lot of food and wine. So the moment somebody told me about that, I was directly in love with this country…
? we closed the weekend nicely with a good braai with the family and the followers.

And then it was Monday again. The weekends are always going too fast, I can’t wait till I have vacation, so I can really discover this country.

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