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Week three!

Published at March 19, 2018 at 1:06 PM

Time flights when you are having fun! And the flying is literally this week..!!

Hi dear readers,


Time flights when you are having fun! Past week three already.


A new week ahead with all sorts of different departments. Monday and Tuesday I had the same department; the planning department. First I started with finishing the last things on the shirts for the supplier day. I did get some cholate for of all my ‘help’ with the preparation for the supplier day. That cholate was delicious! Then I moved to the planning department and had sort of a tour in the department about what they are doing.


The planning department ensures that it runs smoothly in the cutting room and on the manufacturing. The customer wants his product to be in the store for a certain period of time. Then it will be checked what the quantity is and in which time the customer it wants. It is therefore also necessary to look at the numbers that can be made every day, so that you can include that in your planning. I had a Skype conversation with my mentor from school in the Netherlands on Tuesday and I did the same tasks as on the Monday.   


At Wednesday I had a new department where I needed to be; Raw material store. This department is exactly the beginning from the making process. Raw materials bought there materials worldwide. The raw material store is like the Wearhouse where all the fabric and trims are coming in. It was really interesting to see how everything is organized. After work my mood was really into shopping… of course. So I went to the shopping mall, where I was a little bit in heaven because I didn’t shop in a while, but for me, it was really necessary.


I was really excited for the last two days of the week, because these days I was spending time in the laboratory. Let me fist explain what they are doing there, so then you can understand why I am so excited about that department.


It all first start with the raw material. 10% of each order get tests in the raw material store. They check the roll on visible mistakes. If that is correct then the fabric goes to the lab. From each piece of the lab gets 0.5 meter for testing. The tests are depending on what is required to be tested.

This means that not all the fabric gets tested. When the fabric comes in, there will be looked what needs to be tested and on this basis the fabric will be prepared.

The people in the lab are doing tests on the fabric, to see if the fabric is in good state to use for making the garments or not. I think there are more than 20 different tests that they are using. It is really interesting!


That isn’t the only thing that the lab does; When the manufacturing is done of started, the lab will pick a garment from the manufacturing and they will test it again. Because you would like to know if the fabric you tested, is that good enough when you are done with you garment.

At all the end you have the finish good store. They will pick from each order a couple items from each size to check again if everything is correct. If the garments have too much trouble then the whole order will be stopped, and all the garments are going back to the production floor. That will be a re-issue order. The people from the quality department also buy ones a month an item in the store from the concurrent. They will test the garment on the thing what they want to know, and they will make a report of the garment is comparing the one from the concurrent. Because you want to have a better quality/price prospection than your concurrent.

I’m sorry that this is a long piece of what they do, but I think it is really interesting and I wanted to tell you all what I am doing all day, so that you don’t think that I’m lazy all day. And that was my work week again!

Friday night I decided that I wanted paragliding on Saturday, so I made a booking but because it was not certain yet that the weather would be good, I went to the city on Saturday. The weather looked perfect for me but still there could not be a parrot member, later it became clear that there was no wind at all, so it did not work either. But I was in the city so decided to look at things. The Uber dropped me off at greenmarket square. In this market they only lost real African things the tents were so close together that you could not walk past someone. Does not matter what you walk but you are asked every time you want to buy or view something, really absurd. I have spoken to a few people about the vendors and they all live in a township and most items are handmade. I bought a vintage radio, at least I think it's very nice, because I like old stuff.


After that I continued walking to Bo-Kaap. Bo-Kaap is a town full of brightly colored houses. It looks really crazy! The only drawback is that there may be only 4 streets. From there I took the Uber to the waterfront. It was so busy there but it was really perfect weather to walk around and sit in a nice terrace. I also choose a nice restaurant for a lunch and some cocktails ?. I went back home with the Uber after some struggles with the Uber that was not working…. I watched a movie to settle down, because my legs and feet did hurt. The paragliding was placed to the Sunday, so I had again a really nice day ahead.


I had to be at the signal hill road at 01:00pm, so first I had a delicious pancake with banana breakfast. The road to the signal hill point is really nice, there are a lot of stops where you have amazing views! When I was at the point where I was going to fly, we started right away with putting the thing on and I get a small explanation. The other moment I was running off the mountain and was I flying above Cape Town. It’s such a nice experience that you must do when you are in Cape Town! The flight was filmed and he made some nice pictures of it. I would do it definitely again! I had a really great week and busy weekend, but I enjoyed it a lot! We close the weekend with a nice and delicious braai.


You can find all the pictures of this week at the bottom of this page, and enjoy the rest of your week! ??



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