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Week four!

Published at March 26, 2018 at 6:00 PM

A week full fun, fashion and laziness!

Hi dear readers,


Everyone has read my fun and busy weekend of the last time, but after a busy weekend there is also a working week again.


I finished the laboratory and fabric inspection on Friday, which I continued on Monday and Tuesday. In my blog last week I explained what they do, this week I would like to explain some tests, how they come to which results. If you don’t find it interesting, just scroll down. ?


In order to get to know the substance well, you can perform a number of tests with the substance. Before you want to do a test, the substance has to be prepared; there must be a piece cut out, in the size of what you need to test. And almost all patches are finished with a lock seem, so that the sample does not get any frays. You may have to prepare chemicals for some tests.


You obviously want to know how much the fabric shrinks, after the first wash, that should not be more than a certain percentage. You can also check the spirality after washing. That means that if you have a fabric with a lot of elastic, your clothes may start to rotate after washing. Here too, there is a percentage of how much is accepted.

There are several tests to check the friction of the fabric. This is important, for example, on the back of the product, because you are sitting on it, or the part between your legs with walking. These tests depend on the what kind of fabric you have and what is asked by the supplier what they want to know about his fabric. For these testes you use machines that imitate how it would go if somebody would wear it.


The strength of the yarn is tested by means of a machine that pulls the fabric apart and passes its measurement into a program. The same applies to the vilselin. You can count the yarns and disassemble them by finding out how thickly woven the fabric is.


Colours can be tested in different ways. Changes the color in 24 hours in daylight, changes the color with friction, changes the color when friction of wet objects, changes the color after washing, and you can test the color on different water parts or chemicals, such as sea water, chlorine water testing. The substance that is treated with gremials is intended to determine the resistance of color of dyed textile to the action of acidic and alkaline perspiration.


And this isn’t even all of the test that you can do with fabric. But these are the thing I did this and last week. You can go much deeper with other tests, for example to make sure that your fabric is 100% cotton, as your supplier gives it to you. For me there is just a lot to tell about because I find it really interesting.


We had a public holiday on Wednesday, a public holiday fully booked.


In the morning we went to the giraffe house, it’s actually a small zoo of care animals that you can give food but that was it, we did expect more of it. Even the giraffes were not interested in us. We had seen it very soon. Then we drove in to Stellenbosch for a nice lunch. It’s so nice when you are with more people and that you both can’t choose, because then can you share your food with the rest, so you have everything of what you like a little bit, and a mega full belly! From 4am there was a super famous vintage market somewhere in Cape Town. People who go to the Afrikabrun usually come there for their outfits. But Louise and I stopped first at Canelwalk, a shopping centre just before Cape Town city. It is a really big shopping centre where you can find all the popular brands and brands from Africa self. She showed me the famous African shops and of course not only looking but also buying ?.


After that we went to the Burn bazaar market. Where we also not only watched the clothes, but we bought some nice things!! It is a nice market for burners, festival lovers, vintage afficionados and bohemian babies! You can shop there for the best, weirdest and most beautiful Afrikaburn outfits and accessories as well as plenty regular vintage Autumn gear for those not tripping to Afrikaburn. They have everything there, from denim jackets, retro windbreakers, faux furs, Steampunk goggles and gear, headpieces, mermaid till unicorn crowns, body jewellery, one pieces, feathers, leathers, velvet, lace, crystals, caps, chokers and anything else your imagination can dream. Furthermore, you can find delicious snacks and special drinks with live music.


AfrikaBurn is a spectacular result of the creative expression of a community of volunteers who, once a year, gather in the Tankwa Karoo to create a temporary city of art, theme camps, costume, music and performance! For those that have been no explanation is necessary, for those that haven’t none is possible. AfrikaBurn is a community of participants who come together to create art, burning structures, costume, performance, theme camps, music, mutant vehicles and much, much more. All of this is created through the volunteer culture of the citizens of Tankwa Town in the Karoo once a year, so If you like it then you know where to go to. I would like to see how it really goes, but I don’t think I would stay there for a long time…


After such a break in the week you really have a Sunday feeling .. but not with a bad feeling because it's almost Friday! And there were new departments on the schedule, so again a new challenge.


Another department was scheduled on Thursday and Friday. Also the Monday next week I will be at the quality department. This department is concerned with checking the cut patterns to the final product.


Different tasks fall under this department. At every step and on every day they will keep an overview of the quality processes and the Quality management system. You use the Specifications of a garment to see if the garment has been made as agreed. You control the quality from the cutting room till the boxes that go to the customers. With this process you fill in a quality report every time. Everyone on the production floor has their own tasks, so that the person can ensure that the product goes as expected to the customer. The quality inspection checks step by step how they work on the garment on the production floor, before it goes to the costumer. If the quality department find critical problems during their control, a solution must be considered. The product can still be delivered to the customer or the entire order must be returned to the production floor. The persons are called to account if mistakes have been made that may has affect at the overall appearance of the product.


After my internship I dived immediately into my bikini and sat down at the edge of the pool. Relaxing after work, in the sun with your feet in the water, one word: "LOVELY". The Friday evening ended with friends and a beer at the open fire.

I ordered a ticket for a fashion show on Friday for the fashion week in Cape Town on Saturday night. I didn’t really know what to expect, whether it would be the same as in the Netherlands, what kind of people would come to it. But anyway I was really excited for it. Unfortunately the weather was not that good on Saturday.. all day cloudy with no sunbeam. Such a day is better known as bank hangings with a good movie and chips.


Ofcourse all the clothes that I have with me, are not good enough for the evening of the show... Just go over the big crisis and put something on what I have in my closet. I arrived at one of the most remote industrial estates I had ever seen, I started to understand a little why the ticket was not that expensive. But inside an old abandoned studio it was completely ready for the fashion shows, some fun and for socializing. Everything was very open, you could see the models in the make-up and the fashion shows for which you didn’t have a ticket you could also see. There were quite a few well-known Africans walking around, because the mega big cars outside the building said enough. But I have no idea who is famous here in this country, so I didn’t know if I saw someone. Maybe my research is not done that well. I can’t say much about the shows I've seen, except that it was a really cool evening, and I would really like to go again! Really enjoyed everything there.


Sunday was again a lazy day, worked at my blog and my notes in the sun, watched some series, had a nice braai and made myself ready for the next workweek. But it is nice to have something a weekend like this and not to be fully booked.


The week has already flown by, perhaps thanks to the public holiday. At least a week with new fun and cosy things.


See you next week!





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