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Week five!

Published at April 3, 2018 at 8:40 PM

Happy Easter you all!

Hi dear readers, 



This blog is a day later than normal because I took the long weekend with this blog.


The week started where I ended last week, at the quality department. I told you all what is going on, on that department. And I did exactly the same work this day. Have a look on all the different they check on, and helping were needed.


I had a different department on Tuesday, the cutting room department. In the cutting room starts everything with the rolls that come from the raw material store. Every step that will done in the cutting room has their own team leader. The rolls will be checked if they correspond with the list that need to be cut. The employees that do the imposition of the fabric must check whether the rolls are correct with what they must prepare. If they make the fabric ready for cutting, they need to check if the fabric has the good length and width, and if the amount of units is correct. Another thing that is important, is that the pattern need to fit on the fabric. The pattern is made in the marker making department.


The fabric can be cut by hand or with a machine. It doesn’t matter witch one you use, they are both even fast. The machine is faster but cannot cut more than 70 units, if an employee does it by hand he can do as big as need for the order. Every hour, the team leader checks what has been imposed and what has been cut. Everyone has a minimum what they have to produce per hour.

The last part is the fusing. The fusing also has its own team leader and control. The fleece is pressed into the fabric during fusing. The fabric is cut and then rolled through an oven. 


I made my movie report, between these tasks and observation. It was really strange to do. Everyone was watching, and some of the people went crazy, but I hope I have everything filmed, so that I don’t have to do it again.


After this working day, my housewife picked me up at work. We drove to a neighbourhood in Blouberg to look for an apartment where my family and I are going to have our holiday. The apartment is in Table view, just before Blouberg. Then we went to drink "coffee" in Blouberg, at 'Ons huisie'. I said coffee on that way, because if we are going for coffee we always end up with wine. After a glass of wine, we went to a nice terrace were her son and 2 friends having some beers. We drank some wine and we had a pizza. It was a cosy evening!


On Wednesday, I had again a new department, the first part of the first floor from the manufacturing floor. That means, a lot of noise during the whole day. The people are sitting in a line behind a sewing machine. In the beginning of the line, they start with the loose pieces from the cutting room. And the end of the line, you have a garment. It goes really fast, each line produced almost 1700 shirt a day, and at the first part on first floor there are 8 lines. They all have a different order, bit they are all making school shirts.


At the beginning of the line is a sample of the order, then everyone knows how the garment need to look at the end. Every production line has their own team leader. The morning starts with checking who is there and who isn’t. There also will be checked how full the lines are. If line 8 is with more people, than line 9 that has more priority, some of the employees will change lines because of that. Every hour the team leader will check the personal scores of the employees, to see if they produce what they need to produce, so they won’t come behind.  If a line has not enough people, the team leader will spring in where needed. Behind a machine or with the packaging. The team leader need to avoid problems. If there is a problem with a line, she need to find the problem. Maybe it’s a machine, a person that’s not doing her job good, or something else, she needs to take care of it.


After lunch I helped with the packaging myself. You can really feel the pressure of everyone and everything. If you don’t work hard enough the people after you don’t have work. And you will not end your order on time.


Every one of the company had a short day on Thursday, till 13.00, because of the Easter weekend. I didn’t plan a department on this day, so I just worked at my video report. After the sort working day, I helped my housewife with making the dinner for the night. We made Dutch “bitterballen”. Her family was coming over for dinner. Eventually they came a bit later and they had called in the afternoon that they didn’t came for dinner, but we had already made the dinner earlier in the afternoon, so there was plenty of food. I met her family and drank a glass of wine together.


I really wanted a relaxed weekend, see some new things of the country, but also do some relaxing. Friday morning was really lazy, but just after lunch time I went to Canal walk. There is a big chopping centre, where you can spent a lot of time for shopping, and have a great lunch or dinner in one of the nice restaurants or fast food chains.  


I wanted to go to the old biscuit mill and see the street art of Woodstock, on Saturday. I took the Uber to the biscuit mill, it really looked the same as on the pictures. It is a market with a food corner where you can try food dishes from all over the world. There is live music, and the look of the buildings on the terrain, looks like country. I think it's only a bit weird that something like that is placed in Woodstock, because otherwise it's not really a safe neighbourhood. When I was there I email a guy that does the street art tours, if he had any space for me today. First, I wanted to do by my own, but then I knew what kind of neighbourhood it was, and that I could do it better with a guide. The office was in the same street as the biscuit mill market. I have seen the most amazing murals with beautiful stories behind it.


I also went in to a tattoo shop, because I know what kind of tattoo I want, but I am not sure if I want to place it in Africa or when I am back in the Netherlands. When I am back, I already have an appointment for another tattoo, but there are two tattoos I really want, and they are really mean something to me. But when I am back, I just can get one tattoo, the other one has to wait, or I can place the other one while I am here. So, I am thinking of doing that, so mam and dad, if you are reading my blog…. we maybe have something to discuss.


I had a personal tour, because there was no one else on that time for a tour, and I told the guide that my family was going to visit me and he would like to be our guide to the nicest places, if he is not too expensive… I was glad I went home after that, because it was exactly very hot to do something. At home, I did put my swimsuit on, and did nothing else than relaxing.


I really didn’t want something to do on Sunday, because the weather was getting real hot. It was already 25 degrees at 10 o’clock in the morning. And it went colder than 30 degrees after 6 o’clock in the evening. I have watched some movies en series in the sun, I tried to go swimming, but the water was to cold..


The last free day, on Monday, I spend time with Lize and her family and friends. We did an egg hunting for the kids and had a nice braai, with a couple of good wines.  This was a good ending of the long weekend.


I hope you all had a great long weekend, and you will see my next blog on Monday again!

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