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Week six!

Published at April 8, 2018 at 2:30 PM

Quality time this week!





Hi dear readers,


After perhaps a few glasses of too much champagne on Monday afternoon, was that the point where the cozy long weekend ended yesterday. And with trouble getting up for the working day after... but a woman in the evening, a woman in the morning.


Everything here is early for me, because my alarm clock goes off at 06.15 or 06.45, it depends on how I go to work. But in the Netherlands, I almost never had to get up so early, especially the last month before I left. I really didn’t do anything at all.  And after 6 weeks, I'm still not used to it, perhaps clarifies that I find it too good to lie in my bed! ?


On Tuesday I had a department on the production floor on the first floor. The production floor is divided into 2 rooms, simply because it does not all fit together and you don’t need many people in the same line to make a shirt, underwear or skirt. There is no difference between the rooms, only the product and the people who work on it. The team leaders use the same methods, the process is the same, the managers also use the same methods, so they all use the same "manual".


I 'moved' to the second floor this week. It’s almost the same as on the first floor, only other products, other employees and a different set-up. A new department was planned for me on Wednesday. From Wednesday to Friday I worked in the quality department. Not completely new because I already had this department on the first floor. But second floor means new products, new people and other work methods. The difference with the first floor is that they make trousers and shorts here and shirts and underwear on the first floor. I found this much more interesting than the first floor. How much steps do you need to make a simple school trouser... Unfortunately, I cannot post pictures of what it looks like from the inside…


At every step and on every day, they will keep an overview of the quality processes and the Quality management system. You use the Specifications of a garment to see if the garment has been made as agreed. You control the quality from the cutting room till the boxes that go to the customers. With this process you fill in a quality report every time. Everyone on the production floor has their own tasks, so that the person can ensure that the product goes as expected to the customer. The quality inspection checks step by step how they work on the garment on the production floor, before it goes to the costumer. If the quality department find critical problems during their control, a solution must be considered. The product can still be delivered to the customer or the entire order must be returned to the production floor. The persons are called to account if mistakes have been made that may has affect at the overall appearance of the product. If you check the packaging from the trousers, you check how good the pressing on the trousers is. If you have a chic trouser, you will see that there are folds in it, and after the washing the trouser it is still there, that’s the pressing. Every hour they will test a bundle on quality.

In the evening I went ice skating and bowling with friends. They had invited me, but it was super nice! I never thought that if I were in South Africa I would go ice skating. The last time I went for ice skating was also a long time ago. And I expected that the others might not be that good, because I thought where can you find an ice skating ring or even ice in Africa. In between we had a beer somewhere and then went to the bowling. One of the boys had brought donuts, really the best donuts I ever ate! In fact, they only have good food here. It was a nice evening out!


So, on Thursday I had the same department with the same tasks only a different product. I tested the quality of girls 'school trousers and one regular ladies' trousers. The different between the big and small sizes in the lady’s trousers, is that the girls trouser (smaller sizes) have an elastic band and the ladies are having a normal waistband with a zipper and button. In between I had a conversation with my mentor of the company, how everything went so far and what I liked the most so far. She also gave me some tips which I should visit during the period that I am here. And now there are many more nice things that I will do.  After this working day I went for groceries with my housewife and we drank coffee somewhere on a terrace, this time it was really coffee and we didn’t go on to wine.


The last working day of the week I worked on the sports shorts, for children, students and men they will play rugby and other sports in it. I have checked the quality of the production line, checked the pressing on the trousers and checked whether the 'wrong' trousers can still be repaired or that the stain or error is small enough that it can still be sold, in other words; problem solving. In the evening I made a Dutch dish for everyone in the house, namely “boerenkool stampot” Have it indicated its own twist, because I don’t like the normal way. So, you just make the “boerenkool stampot” dish, then you do cheese over and in the oven for 20min, I say try all!


Saturday morning started with a delicious croissant with a poached egg, with avocado sauce, ham and tomato. I went for a tour with my housewife in the afternoon at another part of Cape Town. We drove to camps bay via Clifton, parked the car and had a drink and lunch on several terraces. We have also walked to some beautiful views and beaches. Camps-bay is known for the rich part of Cape Town. On the way back, we passed Hout-bay and Constantia, beautiful places and views everywhere!


As you might already know me, my Sunday is known for a chill and sun day, so also today, a day of rest before another working week starts.


See you guys next week again!

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