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Week seven!

Published at April 15, 2018 at 12:59 PM

Feeling home at the other side of the world!




Hi dear readers,


After a relaxing weekend I also had a relaxed Monday. I didn’t work in a department, but I worked for myself. I had the department cutting room on second floor, but I was already being there, and I had nothing more to see there. So, my relaxed Monday consisted of finishing me to do list with sending e-mails and finishing notes. And try to finish my video report.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had the same department. The production department on the second floor. This time I did not run with the team leader but with the managers, to see if they are working or dedicating their employees.


The manager of the production floor ensures that the production is as hard as it should be. Together with the team leader they check the balance of the line, to the looking of the tasks. The manager checks the line a couple of times a day to see if there is more work in the line than at another spot in the line. The problem that needs to be solved here causes problems for the final production. So, they check the percentage of the workers, should the score under 80% must have attention ready, slowness can ensure a less end to the final production. For the production managers is it very important to have a good relationship with your employees. If the employees feel good at work, it will have a positive effect on the work result. They therefore occupy themselves with problem solving and efficiencies all day long.


I had fun these days! A lot of employees did ask me if I became the new manager and things like that. I just thought; how old do you think I am and how am I going to run a factory?


It changes my mind a little bit, after these days, like what do I want to do after this year? I was almost certain, that after this, I would go into the direction of fabric sciences, but I really enjoyed working with these managers, they are working all day on how can I make this better, how are we going to do that, they are actually very busy. What I didn’t expect, to be honest.

Finally, at home after these busy days, I had the choice to choose what I wanted to eat, and where we were going to pick it up. Of course, pizza!! Best pizza I had in a long time, fresh made in a good pizza oven = DILLISIOUS!


On Thursday I had a whole new department on my schedule; finish good stores. I didn’t spend the whole day at the place, because there is not that much to do for me. I spend the whole day there, but I made my blog and my notes during the other time a had.


Finish good stores (FGS) is the last place where the garment is before it ends at the costumer. FGS receives the boxes with all the information from the production floors, like; batch number, item number, product number, description, color, size and quantity. They send the boxes down by bundle.  The boxes come down through a belt that runs downwards from above. You can place boxes on the belt from the various production floors.


FGS won’t check every box, because it’s too much work, and you assume that the work on the production floor is done well. So, they do a regularly random check with a few boxes to see if everything is corresponding with what’s put in the box and the information what’s on the box. They also receive the boxes with the yellow tape, which are the boxes containing rejects and seconds. These will send to another person that’s buy the garments for cheaper, because there are faults in it, but it’s a good idea, you will make more money with it that you throw them away.


After it has arrived, the employees receive a list of the administration in FGS where the received boxes must be placed in the "store". The employees in the "store" can now start pallet building at the right bin-location. If there are enough full pallets, a picklist can be made, and the right pallets can be picked. The employee writes down what it picks and passes it on to the administration. They do not send the whole order at once because the warehouse does not have enough space to place all orders because the order starts at 10.000 units. So, if an order is complete with 5.000 units, an appointment can be made with the customer to send the order. When an order is made ready for transport, it will first be checked by the quality department. If the quality does a check, they indicate it with a blue tape. They control 5% of each order. If they find too much faults in one order, the order will be put on hold and the whole order will go back to the production floor. Before it enters the truck, it is checked once again that they have the right item with the right number of units. It is a busy floor with a lot of noise around it. And here you see a lot of guys working, where you see a lot of woman’s working in the manufacturing.


I had to go to the training centre on Friday. In the training centre all new employees who have never sat behind a sewing machine, but also current employees, who start with multi skills. The employees are being prepared for the mass production.


So, there are 2 types of training; training 1 is for basic employees. These employees have never been eligible with a sewing machine and thus start with a beginner training. You must find out if the employee is afraid of the speed of the sewing machine. They also must have a better capacity score every week, so that they have the right speed for the mass production at the end of the training. Not only the speed is important, but also the quality they deliver. The trainers need a lot of attention, otherwise they will not get the right speed. I myself have also been allowed to feel what it is like to sit in the training and be controlled.


And then it was already weekend! For me it became a weekend with a lot of wine and good food. On Saturday I went to several wine tastings with Lize and a friend.


We started at Groot Phesantekraal. We were already there at 10 o'clock in the morning. You can’t start with wine early enough ?. There we tasted 3 white wine, which were also really tasty. Then we drove to Signal gun, there we got 5 different wines. Here there was only one favourite. Between these two wine tastings there was so much difference, in terms of how they did it and what the location looked like. Then we drove to Canto wine tasting. I think this is my favourite of all times. It looks like a modern farm and they make white wine, red wine and MCC. MCC is a champagne, but that's not how they call it. I have tasted 4 different champagne, 2 white wine and 1 red wine. The champagne tasted all good and the rest was okay. Super fun what they do, if you choose the MCC tasting, you get with each MCC a macaron that suits the taste of the wine, and it looks nice too!

Maybe my taste for wine disappeared a bit here, because I had already had 15 wine tastings. Of course, you do not get 15 full wine glasses, but just a little.


Then we went for lunch at Altydgedacht, and we also did a wine tasting. The food was really good, and not expensive at all. Here we had tasted 3 white wines. Then we drove to Klein Roosboom boutique. Super cute building, and inside. Inside you had kind of caves, and those caves were all decorated differently and all had a different name. I have tasted the white wine here, there was only one wine that I liked the most. Then we drove to the last one, Durbanville hills. This is one of the most expensive and best-known wine farm. But that doesn’t mean that they also have the best wine. Here was the wine tasting already finished but still have 2 white wine can try, but were both not really tasty. So now I have a favourite white wine and a favourite MCC.


And on Sunday it became warm again. So, bikini on, sunburn on a lot of water and a sunbed.

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