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Week eight!

Published at April 23, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Party Time!

Hi dear readers,

After a nice weekend with a lot of wine tastings, was it time for the last work week before my vacation.

I started on Monday where I ended at Friday. I had the change to explore the other side of the training centre. They don’t only have the training centre for starting a machinist of starting with multiskilling for the machinist. But PEP has also other opportunities.

They have the same training centre to become a technology as a machinist. They are able to do internships with students, like me now. They also have a skills program, where the employee can get higher up. And the last part is that the employees get the change to retrain their self to a higher level. Some of the employees didn’t went to high school or not even 2 years in primary school. I think that is a really nice chance that the company gives to the employees.

I had the same department on Tuesday and Wednesday. I worked on the industrial engineering department.

I.E receives a report from the merchandiser as to whether a new item comes on the production floor. They also receive planning from the planning department. I.E. measures the capacity at the employees if the production manager asks for it or if the line has changed. If the line is changed and the employees have a place at the operation, they are tested on time. You have a few different tests that you can do with an employee.

T-rate: is a document you fill in, to see how quickly the employee works, what her work environment looks like and a description of what she does and her breakpoint. This document is smaller than a stamp study sheet. You only use this if a product is on the line for less than 3 days. This document requires fewer details than a stamp study sheet.

Capacity check: you check the speed of the employee with a stopwatch. You start the time when it starts the operation, and you end the time when it is finished with the entire operation. (if you have the cuff operation, you have a right and a left side, so you stop with the time after this 2). You do this 5 times. Then you calculate the average and how much it can make with that average per hour. There is also a percentage, for making repairs, broken needle, changing thread, you also need time for that.

Boosting: you start working with an employee if he does not deliver the work that he or she can do. You stay with the employee for 1 hour, which he does. Every 15 minutes you check what he has produced. Afterwards you give the information to the team leader. If the employee only deals with other employees, something has to be changed to his attitude. If he just works and does not let himself be distracted, it might be on the machine.

Time study sheet: is an extended version of the T-rating. This is specific for a direct operator. A direct employee is a machinist.

Stamp study sheet: is an extended version of the T-rating. This is specific for an indirect operator. An indirect employee is someone who does something with the product, but not directly, packing, pressing, folding.

Then there is also the style discussion. In the style discussion the production managers, quality managers, the team leader whose line will change and the mechanic come together. In the style discussion, the new style is discussed, which are the steps for making that product. It is checked whether all machines are ready for use. And what the problems were with other orders and what needs to be given more attention now. I.E also needs to look at the thread requirement to see if the machine that is meant for that operation, the yarns are good enough for this operation and the machine. This is the same for the machine flow. Through the planning they know when the line changes and whether machines need to be moved. Here they look together with the mechanic. This is also discussed in the style discussion.

At last I worked on the costing. The costing is a program on the computer that you use with a new item. You fill in everything you know about the item. The style number, all seams, pattern parts, buttons, really everything you have to do to make it a complete product. The program contains all the ratings of the operations, which means that he himself calculates how long it takes before the product is ready and what the costs are.

I felt a bit awkward when I was doing these tests. You really allow the employee to look on his fingers to see whether he works quickly and what quality he delivers. You are also more concerned with formulas and time than with the creative part of the process. But now I have seen this side of the process and now I know what this job entails.

After the workday on Tuesday, we went for a coffee. A little bit of relaxing after the busy working days of ours.
On Thursday and Friday I worked for myself. I made my video report, now it’s all done. I just wanted it to be perfect and I didn’t know it was so much work. I still think it’s a shame that I can’t share this with you.
I first went shopping for some African snacks for my family on Saturday morning, and then it was;
I went to the Eden experience. The Eden Experience is an exclusive outdoor dance music festival. Boasting some of the best local artists as well as world renown international artists.

I met one of the guys last weekend, the rest of the group on the day itself. The group was really nice, we laughed, danced, we just had a great night! It was nice till the morning after.. but yeah if you had a great evening it doesn’t matter.

So, Sunday was really relaxed, just watched movies and in the afternoon I went to a beauty salon to relax and get pretty again, just kidding. I am totally ready now for my vacation with my family!

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