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Week nine!

Published at April 29, 2018 at 9:54 PM

Vacation time!

Hi dear readers,

Monday was the last working day for me at PEP. I had a tour on the retail department of PEP. PEP don’t only sells school clothing but also casual clothing, shoes, accessories and more. Only the school clothing is made, at the factory where I worked. The rest is all import. They make the designs themselves and send that to other factories where it will made. It was a great Division and I also had again a understanding how it works on this department.

After work I went straight to the airport with my housewife to pick up my family and boyfriend. It was exactly so weird, because this is my home now for 4 months. It took a while before they came. It was nice to see them again and to spend my holiday with them. We drove to Table view, just 5 minutes of Blouberg and the beach, we rent this vacation house for 1 week. We went out for dinner at a nice please in Blouberg to start the beginning of the vacation in good style.
We slept out on Tuesday, a good start for the holidays! We hired two cars for our transport for the next few days. In the meantime when we had to wait for the delivery of the cars, we went hiking in the nature reserve in the city where we have rented a House for 1 week. In the evening we cooked together and played games. Anyway, nice to be together with my family.

On Wednesday, went the alarm clock very early for a trip to the waterfront. We had booked a boat trip and excursion to Robben island. In the end, the trip to the island was cancelled, because of bad weather that was coming. We did the red bus tour instead of the boat tour. The tour of the hop on hop off bus that we caught, was the one for the centre of Cape Town. We drove along to Bo-Kaap, the coloured township, the long street of Cape town, the beaches and nice places in camps bay and see point. Also, we are along the world cup stadium of Cape town. In between you get all sorts of information from the bus. It was a cosy and nice day with a lot of different things!

Thursday morning, we got picked up early by a guide for a tour in 2 different townships. This was quite impressive to see and to hear what he had to say. We drove through a township where almost 2 million people live, it was so great! We also have something good and beautiful things done for a lower children's school in the township. We brought school stuff voor the children and we learned them how to plant spinach. Spinach is very important for them because that lasts for 2 years a long time to grow, that means that they are sure to have food for 2 years. It was so nice to see how you can make people happy with something small! We had lunch in another township. You have to see the photos and see what kind of lunch it was, GREAT!
We were home early, and had a nice afternoon at the pool with everyone.


It’s was my birthday this day, but we did a lot! Today we went really to Robben island. It was actually very interesting. On the island is a prison where all kinds of political black men have been detained, like Nelson Mandela. Also, there were criminals in the prisons on the island. We had the tour from an ex-convict. After that we continued to the aquarium in Cape Town, where we expected more than what it ultimately was. Back to the waterfront we walked through a kind of market where I bought a really nice African skirt, I really had to buy it. At the end of the day we had a free tour planned for seeing how diamonds are made. It was interesting to see once. In the meantime, I had reserved at a super nice restaurant where we had to braai our dinner at our table, super cosy and delicious! The restaurant was in the middle of the entertainment district of Cape Town.

We had a heavy day ahead on Saturday; namely climb the Table Mountain. Here, too, our expectations were less than the execution. POH what was this heavy ... we came upstairs in about 2 hours. But half way through we found out that the cable car wouldn’t go down, because of the bad weather. That means that we all had to walk down again. More bad news was that the restaurant was also closed, because the staff couldn’t go up by the cable car. But halfway through the mountain, you can get clean drinking water out of the mountains, with which you can fill your bottle. One thing was sure, was also the muscle pain the next day. What hopefully would be improved by tasting the wine, which was on planning for the day after.

We are first to a market driven in Stellenbosch, Root 44. Then we drove to Stellenbosch for a lunch and then straight to the wine tasting. The wine did not improve the muscle pain, because that was bad... We tasted delicious wines and has a lot of fun with the whole family! Not everyone had tasted wine before, so some of the faces where so funny, because they don’t like the taste of wine. We drove back home to Blouberg, but we had a stop in my town to drop some clothes and to show my family where I live.

The week went so fast! A good week with everyone with nice places. And I already know what we are going to do next week! I would watch my blog next week to see all the nice stuff I am going to do!

See you next week!

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