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Week ten!

Published at May 6, 2018 at 7:58 PM

Travelling to the rest of South-Africa.

Hi dear readers,


After a first good holiday week, there are still a lot of other things on the schedule.


The week started with a day trip to the southern tip of Africa. The tour started at Muizenberg beach. A super nice and cute village. But we actually only took a look at the beach at the famous coloured houses. The beach is also known for a good surf lesson. After mice mountain we went to lunch in fish corner, a nice village on the beach. The whole route was beautiful anyway, all along the coast. After our lunch we drove to SimonsTown. We have not seen much of the village itself because we actually only went for the penguins. You have a penguin beach in SimonsTown, the penguins just walk past you. Is really super cute!


After the penguins we drove to Cape the good hope and cape point. When we drove in the good hope, lots of animals walked along and on the road, like baboons and ostriches, we also saw deer in the meadows. Cape the good hope is a nature reserve where you have a lookout point, cape point against it is the southernmost tip of Africa. After this route through the small wilderness we have taken the most beautiful route from South Africa back to our house. This was really a full stamped day, but with nice viewings!


On Tuesday morning we drove inland to Aquila safari park. The park was in the middle of nowhere, but so beautiful! The hotel, the rooms and surroundings were truly a paradise. We had the first safari at 16.00. There are really no words for what you see and that you just drive through the wilderness and see all those beautiful animals. The second safari we had at 06.30 the morning after. Very early, but again a chance to spot other animals. The safari was just as beautiful again, just have not seen the whole big-5 ... during breakfast, after the 2nd safari, you could look out over the reserve and see the elephants and other animals walking around, really so special! After breakfast we went further inland to Oudtshoorn. The route to Oudtshoorn was super nice, with animals along the way, baboons and ostriches. In Oudtshoorn it was super again, we have therefore on arrival of our 3rd house, nicely located at the pool.


On Thursday we went to Cango wildlife range. Here we first got a tour trough the park and she told something about every animal. It was actually a small zoo but with a private guide. At the park you could also choose to pet a cheetah, serval cat, ring tailed lemur and some other animals. Five of us have chosen the adult cheetah and one for the small cheetah. It was really chic to experience, you see that the animals have a good relationship with their caretakers, but they are still wild animals. You don't need to be sorry for the animals, because they are super well cared of and there is nothing wrong with what the caretakers do!


When we all stroked the cheetah we drove to Buffelsdrift. Here we went with 5 of the family to walk with the elephants and to feed them. We were lucky because we were the only ones at that time, so we had 3 elephants for us alone! Feeding was already insane. Those animals are so much big as you, if you are standing right in front of them. As thanks, the elephants gave a hug, separated to also 3 at a time. That trunk is really super heavy and not at all soft, so I had scratches on my shoulders ... After feeding we went walking. We walked back into the wilderness via a path. The elephants ate everything they encountered. It was great to walk in between!


On Friday we went to George, this should be a beautiful city. Where we were it was not especially beautiful. We walked through a street with all shops, so shopped. When we finished shopping we went for lunch somewhere. A nice restaurant by the sea! Then we went for a few hours on the beach. The women went sunbathing and the men started playing football. My father saw a humpback in the distance! That was great to experience, such a big beast! After relaxing we went to a rugby match. Had never seen a rugby match so that was fun, only the stadium was not well filled.


Saturday was our last holiday... We went to the Cango Caves. These are caves with stalagmites and stalactites. It was nice to see but for me an hour was enough. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool at home. Unfortunately, we also have to pack the suitcases. We ended the evening with a braai. Another game played and we went to sleep in time for the trip back to Cape Town.


On Sunday we had to drive back all the way from Oudtshoorn to the airport in Cape Town. Here, too, we met baboons along the way, walking along and over the road. At the airport it was time to say goodbye ... the 2 weeks have flown by! After this holiday the internship starts again with a new company, I'm really looking forward to it!


Be sure to check out the pictures of this fantastic week! And read my new blog next week, where I will tell you new things about my super cool 2nd internship company.


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