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Week Eleven!

Published at May 14, 2018 at 12:00 AM

First week at The Foschini Group, My second internship

Hi dear readers,


This week I started a new internship of 2 months at The Foschini Group.


TFG offers about 18 retail brands that cover clothing, footwear, jewellery, sportswear, mobile phones and technology products and home stores. TFG strive to be leaders in the fashion and lifestyle sectors of the retail industry in Africa. TFG has over 2 000 stores across Africa. You can also buy  online and presence allowing the convenience of delivery to your door anywhere in South Africa.

@home stores can be found throughout South Africa, with a representation in Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and Ghana. Eat, Sleep, Bath, Cook, Live - from the kitchen to the bedroom, from spoiling yourself to giving beautiful gifts, TFG has taken care to stock all that you need to create a beautiful home.


I am doing my internship at the exact design department. Exact represents accessible and stylish fashion for the modern family, selling a compelling and exciting range, most of which is exclusive to Exact. Exact offers the customers a capsule wardrobe and the convenience of being able to shop for the whole family. Exact ensure that they offer excellent value for money. Value is measured by achieving a constant price-quality and style-fashion ability equation in line with the customers’ expectations.


The first week went really good. I could say by myself what I want to learn and just not only follow the school plan. Here at TFG I get a very different picture than what I've learned at PEP. But that’s all good for my whole experience during this trip.  


I didn’t do much during the weekend. Actually, pretty unfortunate, but in Cape Town I have already seen a lot. But is also not wrong to take weekend off. I only had a super excited thing to do.


Saturday, I went to the City Centre around the afternoon to make an appointment for one of my favourite tattoos. I didn’t take the uber this time, but I took an old car that is parked here at the House. I think I had the worst 5 minutes in a car ever. The driver's seat won't stay on his place, so when I drove up the mountain, the Chair where I sat, moved backwards, the car made a sound of a race car, terrible.


I arrived a life and I made it a life at home, as long if I don’t have to drive a mountain up again. The tattoo shop looks amazing! And I got an appointment about 2 weeks!! I am very excited!


After that, I drove to the shopping mall, I had an appointment at a beauty salon, but only late in the afternoon. There was nothing else on than shopping! I have bought more for other people than for myself. Personally, I think that I've bought a really cool outfit! I arrived safely home on the couch, then watched series to the rest of the evening and Sunday. Sunday the weather was really super nice, so I watched my series outside in the Sun. ?

Hopefully next week will be more exciting for you guys, so there is something exciting to read for you guys.


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