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Week twelve!

Published at May 20, 2018 at 9:00 PM

Work, Work, Work, Work.

Hi dear readers,


After a nice quiet weekend, the work at TFG had to be continued. The Monday started good, we went to Canal walk shopping centre, to check out is in our store and how does it look. Also, you will have a look at the competitor of the brand. You look if you have missed some items, fashion related, if you missed some fabric in your collection. You basically look at miss opportunities what you can still use in your collection. Before we went to the shopping centre I did some production planning in the morning. It was just doing the administration of the buyers, because they will get to know if the fabric of style is running late, and you are the person that need to check if the delivery will be made or not.


I was at the same department as Monday, the planning department. I worked with different people on this day; Logistics controller, she issues the new fabric and trims that the factory needs to make the garment, she creates a product purchase order and a cut sheet for the cutting room. Trims buyer, the trims buyer purchases the trims for the styles, she purchases the trims from a local of import factory. For every order they will put an extra 5% to it for re-cut or something else, just to be sure that they will complete the whole order. Work-study analyst, the work-study analyst will make the costing of all the products. She looks at the garment which steps you need for each operation. The cost and time are already in the system. If she puts every step, that you need to make a garment, in a document, the costing will come out. You can see how much it will take to do every operation and what the cost is for every specific operation. Gather, the gather is the last person that checks the garment before It goes in to production. She checks the sizes of the garment in the pattern maker system. She will make a new job specification and a new variant, these are both only different if she had to change something in the style, but every document that will made for the garment goes with the garment to the sample room in the factory.


From Wednesday to Friday, was the planning to go to the factory where they make a part of the clothing. The factory is called prestige clothing. This is one of the factories where TFG produce their clothing. It was interesting to see how they produce fashion, the process is actually the same as what I have seen at PEP. Only here is much more planning needed, because the products can change in 3 days or even fewer days. To do this, you need to have well qualified machinist to make all the different models. I was not the only person that went to the factory, I went together with 2 other students. We have been here 3 days, so that we could follow the entire process.


I was done early with work on Thursday and Friday, so I spend a few good hours in the sun. I had a nice prospect for the weekend. The wine farms were back on the schedule, but that was ultimately not continued because the family, with which I would go, had all stomach flu. So, my weekend was quiet again. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t had fun. On Saturday I went for a hike with my housewife. That was quite a tough walk, here in the mountains, and I didn’t sport for 3 months... We did take the dogs with, I don't know if I had told it before, but they have a husky and a white German Shepherd, they are really 2 cuties! We went for a coffee after our brisk walk and in the evening her family came along and we had a cozy night with all and a nice braai.


We went again for a braai on Sunday with her family, but this time the braai was at a friend’s house. It was a nice evening and a good ending of the weekend!


I look forward to the next few weekends!! I'm getting my first tattoo, I will go for a weekend away to Hermanos, a weekend away to the farms and to the west part of south Africa. Follow my blogs to keep updated about these weekends and if you want to know what's going on in the rest of South Africa!

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