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Week thirteen!

Published at May 27, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Check off my bucket list! 

Hi dear readers,


The Monday started nicely and quit, I had to search for new ideas for the new collection of winter 2019. So, what I basically did the whole day was shopping online. ? the Tuesday against it was rather boring. I spend the day with the merchandiser planner. She does the costings and gives an approval to start with the full production. It’s not the thing I like about this job, but It need to be done.


I took the day off on Wednesday. Lize asked me if I could take the day off to go to Muizenberg. She took me to Muizenberg, because the plans from the last weekend were cancelled. I really wanted to surf in my time in south Africa. So, that was the plan. The only thing what was disappointed was that it was raining... am I didn’t thought that I could surf because the weather looked really bad. But we went for a good lunch, had a look around in Muizenberg and went to one of the surf schools in the area. So, a few minutes later I was walking in to the water. It wasn’t cold at all, even while it was raining a little bit. After the second time trying I was already standing on the board! And the following attempts just only got better. It was one hour off fully hard work. At the end of this day, I could check off a new thing from my bucket list!


The muscle pain was visible in the morning after the surfing, but there were 2 more days to work.


On Thursday, I spend the day again with searching for new items and making new designs for the new collection. The day goes so quickly if you do things you like. The Friday against it was again a little bit boring.  I spend time with the manager of the exact lady’s wear and men’s’ wear. We had a really long meeting, what was interesting, but just not my thing. Manage your team, have meetings whole day, sending emails, make sure everything goes how it supposed to be. I am more a kind of girl for creativity. But anyway, also here there are things that are part of the job.


After work on Friday, I didn’t do much, just chilling on the couch and watching my series.


Saturday was tattoo day!! ???


In the morning I went for a nice walk with my housewife, it was such a nice day. When the waiting was finally over, I drove (again with the old car) to the tattoo shop. This time the care worked normally so the driving went also great. I was already so happy about that, that I made it “a life” at my destination. The parking against it was dramatically. De next time I will look for an easy place and not between in 2 cars, so embarrassing. You know what they say about women behind the wheel .... Well that is how I felt at that moment. Anyway, it was time for my tattoo!! I was so excited about that! The sketch was so nice I couldn’t wait to see the result on my body. I was already done in minutes, what seems very chick for me. It looks so beautiful! I am so happy with this design! I came very excited home, with no pain, what was nice.  


On Sunday we went for a lunch in Stellenbosch with the brother of my housewife and his wife and children. It was a nice day, with a nice lunch, in the sun with a good glass of wine!


Next weekend I am going away for the weekend to Hermanus, they see it’s beautiful over there, so I can’t wait!

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