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Week fourteen!

Published at June 3, 2018 at 7:29 PM

To another side of South-Africa!

Hi dear readers,


This week was excited for me, because I was spending time with the garment technologist of the team from Exact. I told you before that TFG had a lot of other brands under the company, I that I am part of the exact team. 


As a garment technologist you need to approve the garment and the style. A garment technologist knows everything about the sizes and fit of the garment. You will receive your garment from the supplier and you will fit it on a model and on the dummy. Together with the paperwork (the style description, and the fit report) you will check the garment and you will put your own knowledge in it. 

The garment can be a first fit, Sometimes that one needs a lot of changes, specially if it is a difficult model. It can be the same with the 2nd and 3th fit, the process is with all the same. The supplier can not mess around too much with the garment, otherwise the company will cancel the style/order. There are a lot of ways why they need to change the style, if the buyer is not happy, or the supplier did something different than the description. The buyer is also a part of this process. They need to approve if they want the style like that of if they want to change it. The garment technologist will sent the report with the details, back to the supplier. 


But anyway, this is a part of the job a really like. With other words I didn't worked on the computer the whole day. But it was a really busy working week! a lot of thing to do and to learn!


I had the whole  week the feeling that it was Friday on every day... Maybe because I was really looking forward to the weekend! I worked till 3PM on Friday, because my housewife, Louise and me went straight after work to the beautiful Hermanus. They say it's one of the most beautiful places of Cape Town area. 


We had a nice trip trough the mountains. The trip was a little bit longer than 2 hours. We came just in Hermanus before it went dark so I could already see how beautiful it is over here. We had a place right at the see, but when we got there it was already dark. We went out with all the younger guys. We had a nice dinner and some drinks at the bar, I really enjoyed this night!
The first thing what I checked in the morning was the view. It was so amazing, you wake up, and you look out side and you see de beautiful sea-coast. We went for breakfast with older people that we knew from the way how we got this amazing place to stay! (For free..) so we took the old people for breakfast. After that me and Louise went for shopping in the town. We both brought some nice things! After that we drove to 2 different wine farms, and we had a nice couple of wine tastings with small bites. We just took some dinner at home, because we already had the bites with the wine. We watched a movie and just chilled for the rest of the night. We couldn't exactly go out, because it was raining so hard!
The Sunday morning, started with a cup of coffee in front of the window with the amazing view! Me and Louise went for a look in the garden where we saw the swimming pool right at the see with a nice BBQ area. This place is so amazing! Louise and I wanted to go for breakfast at a lovely Belgium restaurant for Belgium waffles, but it was closed, so we took only a coffee and walked around a little bit. We picked my housewife up at the house, she went for a walk and had a nice lunch together! We droved around after the lunch, because they wanted to show me some view places. The weekend was already over at that time, and we needed to pack our suitcases.
We drove back at the sea side, so amazing how beautiful! And the sun was coming down so, it was really pretty! The drive was again a little bit longer than 2 hours. But we had such a nice weekend together!  
For me another work week is coming, but also another nice weekend to the other side of South-Africa. You guys will see that Hermanus (east side) is different than Cape Town and next week you will see that the west side is totally different than Cape Town and Hermanus! Keep following me if you want to know about my last few weeks here in South-Africa!


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