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Week fifteen

Published at June 9, 2018 at 4:29 PM

Just a normal week.

Hi dear readers,


After the nice weekend in the beautiful Hermanus I had an easy Monday with a hurry morning, because I was still in the weekend feeling… It was equally a boring Monday. I had to deal with the purchase orders with the merchandiser. That is really not my type of work I want to do. On Tuesday, I had to prepare styles that needed to go in production. I did this  together with another intern. 


From Wednesday till Friday I was working on the samples for the collection. I had to assess the samples before the production can start. The garment goes from factory till technologist, back to the designer. The process is really big in such a big company as TFG. I really enjoyed this part of the process, because I can work on my own thing, I am busy with different garments and searching for an solution.  Days like this will fly for me.


I am also busy with looking for a new study, because in 3 weeks I will be graduated. I am looking for a bachelor degree, in the area Fabric/Materials/Textiles science and Product Design. Please, if you know a good study for me in that area would be wonderful!


I told last week that we would go to the west side of south-Africa be we had to remove it to next weekend. Pretty sad exactly but there is nothing what you can do, so my last 2 weeks are going to be really busy and the will fly! After work on Friday I went together with a colleague to a nice restaurant. We had a few cocktails, with some good bites. We had a really good evening, It was really cozy!


On Saturday morning I slept out and had a nice English breakfast. I went together with my housewife for a walk with the dogs. It was raining so hard when we just came outside. But we still continued with walking, it felt like I was in my hometown walking with my dog, that’s how the weather is like now.  In the evening we went for dinner in town with the family of my housewife. We had a really nice dinner and some good drinks. After the dinner there where people dancing salsa. I really wanted to do it to but my two partners are back in my hometown… (my dad and my boyfriend).


Sunday morning started good with a skype conversation with my lovely boyfriend. My feelings are so double now, because I really like it here and I created a second home, but I miss my friends and family at home too. It would be so weird if I leave in 2 weeks! And the time is flying so fast right now..


After sleeping out and the skype conversation we had a nice breakfast with everyone. I get to know the family better every time I see them. There was more family coming, when we were done with breakfast. We had a nice braai in the garden. It was just only 14 degrees but it was nice warm in the sun! And maybe my skin will get a little bit more colour before I leave. It was a cozy night with everyone. And I will start my last 10 working days from tomorrow.


Have a good week everyone and keep following me what I will do my last 2 weeks here in this beautiful country!


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