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Week sixteen!

Published at June 18, 2018 at 8:14 PM

To the west coast of South-Africa! 😊

Hi dear readers,


After the lazy weekend there was a normal work week again. The Monday went very fast, but didn’t something special. We were just checking the previous orders in stores, if they are selling good or not and if we need to improve something.  


Tuesday and Wednesday went a little bit slow, but there is not much work to do this week. The Wednesday was a good day because I made some contact with an important person for me, so I have new excited news! I can go and visits a factory in Asia!!


On Thursday, it was raining and storming the whole day, just felt like an autumn in the Netherlands. It was just a normal day, worked on my video and helped the team where I could.


On Friday we had a long meeting with retail about the new collection for season spring summer 2018/2019. This is in a half a year for south-Africa. This was quite interesting. I just only worked till 2 pm. Because my housewife wanted to take me to the farm of her brother and sister. When we arrived, it was already dark so I couldn't see anything from the farm and the views. It was the birthday of the sister from my housewife on Friday, so we had a small party at her place. It was a fun night with everyone and I could practice for the Saturday night dance. On Saturday morning, we went to a small food market in Porterville. The food is all homemade and everything came from the land on the farm. After the market, the brother of my housewife showed me his land and told me everything about the place. His land is 3,5 thousand hectares and his has 3000 sheep's and land with weed and rooibos tea.


After that it was time to make ourselves ready for the night. We went to a party where you can find all the farmers from the area. This is one night a year, and everyone is dancing the "langarm" (longarm). It's basically just dancing with a partner, and it looks really easy but it's exactly hard. Anyway, they taught me the dance at the party on Friday, so I was already a little but used to it. It was such a great evening!


It was Father’s Day on Sunday. we went in de morning to the church, and it's totally different than how I am used to it. After the church we went for lunch at a nice place in the mountains. It was a delicious lunch! When we came home, I got shooting lessons with a big hunter gun. It was awesome! The guns where really heavy and the power was that big that the pressure was pushed bag into my shoulder. So, my arm was immediately blue and purple. But it really fits in to the picture of the place and the people where we were staying. In the evening we just watched an old South-Africa movie.

We had breakfast with everyone on Monday morning and didn’t did anything before we left. Just watching series and helping with cleaning. And then it was time to say goodbye... this family was so amazing and had such a great time with them, I am really going to miss them! On our way back, we dropped the cousin of my housewife with her boyfriend at the airport, because they live close to Johannesburg, they just came for the long weekend and Father’s Day.  

And now I am lying in bed, making my blog, watching series and recover from the weekend. I don’t want to think about my last week, but yeah it is coming to an end now... But I am going to enjoy my last week as much as a can and you guys will see my final blog next week!

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