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Week seventeen!

Published at June 25, 2018 at 8:16 PM

Time to go home...

Hi dear readers,


After a long, nice weekend, there were just a view more days to work, before I had to leave...


The first day of this short week started really good! We got a tour in the Rotex fabric factory in Atlantis. The cotton yarns are coming in at the one place and the fabric rolls are going out at the other side. Almost everything in this company is done bij machines. Every machine can connect with each other and will send information to the same computer. They are not only producing 100% cotton fabric but also other ones like 100% polyester or 50/50% Polyester/Cotton. But this is with every Yarn. There are standing amazing machines that waves the yarns into each other to make the fabric. If you use 2 or more different qualities of yarns, the fabric will have a different texture. The texture can also be made different by the finishing of the fabric. They have a lot of different machines where each of them has a different finishing for the fabric. For example, you give the fabric a brushing texture, or you make the fabric so soft that you can’t believe it’s cotton. This was so interesting, especially if I want to go in to the fabric industry. But it can be interesting for everyone! Amazing how to see what a machine can do and how you can have all these kinds of fabrics. After the morning tour, we just worked a normal day at the office again.

After work my housewife and I went for some groceries, and in the evening, I worked at some clothes of here, that needs to be made smaller. 


On Wednesday morning, we had a meeting with retail. They were going to tell us, the exact ladies team, what kind of fashion items they want for quick response. That means that these items will be in store in 56 days (“quick” response). So that is for the collection in august. After that I had a conversation with a buyer from retail, to see if that is also something I am interested in. But it was too mush administration, so no. after lunch, I helped with the garment technologist from retail, because she had a lot of work to do.


On Thursday I had my presentation and final rating at TFG. The presentation went really well and everyone was really positive about me! I stayed till lunch, because a colleague and friend wanted to by lunch for me, SUSHI! After saying goodbye to everyone, I just went home and relaxed. In the evening I took my housewife for dinner, at a nice place in our area. The food was delicious and we had such a nice evening! And we could forget that I had to leave.


On Friday, the time was there to do my presentation at PEP Clothing, where I worked my first 2 months. The presentation went really good! After that I went together with Lascar to the city. We bought ourselves a bagel, it was so good! We did some shipping and he went to the hairdresser. After that he booked a place for use to have high tea. The hotel was so chic and pretty and the food was really good! Our stomach's was pulled out because of the amount of food.. I wanted to take a power nap when we got home, but I didn't had the time for that. In the evening I went for dinner with Lize and her family and friends to say goodbye.. It was a really cozy evening!


I took louise and lascar out for a lunch on Saturday. We had a good lunch, walked around in the city, went to a beerhouse and drove to the shopping mall for the last thing and some more clothes. At home we had a vew glasses of wine and chat with the family for the last evening...


On Sunday was the time there that I had to leave.. I had such a amazing experience! I made lovely friends and I have a second family at the other side of the world! 


My flight was quite okay.. It went faster then the flight when I came to south Africa, but it's not nice to sit for such a long time! When I arrived at dusseldorf my mom and boyfriend where there, with 2 good friends of me. I didn't thought that they would be there to pick me up! It is good to be home again, but I definitely going to mis Cape Town!



Thanks for following me during this amazing trip!

Wish me luck with my exams tomorrow and

then you guys will see me with a degree in my hands next week!


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